5 Motorcycle Accessories that make Absolutely No Sense

For some people, things like gay parades and transgender dating sites have no meaning or are without purpose entirely. For bikers, however, the only thing that makes no sense has to do with certain motorcycle accessories and add-ons that can only hamper one’s experience or make the machine itself look ridiculous.

Let’s face it – many bikers out there would love to have the time and funds to upgrade their ride so that it looks super cool and awesome. But when that’s simply not an option, a bike owner should just carry on with his or her life rather than equip their bike with one of these motorcycle accessories that make absolutely zero sense.


  1. Scooter Mustache

Seriously, whoever came up with the idea that acrylic mustaches would fit amazingly on a scooter probably shouldn’t think anymore, ever. The idea that you could put facial hair on a bike and get away with it is outrageous, makes no sense and is very annoying to actual bikers.

In fact, these can be mostly seen on motorcycles owned by clean-shaven guys. Are we sensing some compensation going on here?


  1. Fake NOS Canisters

The “Fast and Furious” franchise along with the “Need for Speed” video game series made nitros a thing in the automotive world, which only means it’s completely normal that many bike-heads out there want them, even though about half of them can’t afford them.

And so, we’re treated to the ridiculous trend that is fake NOS cylinders. They’re made out of foam and have no NO2 in them whatsoever, just like the people who put these on their machines have no brain.


  1. Multi-Colored Headlamps

When you can’t have a bike that features a huge engine with a lot of horsepowers, compensate for it with a disco-worthy headlamp that can give anyone driving in front of you a brain aneurysm.

Why would someone even do this, you ask? Well, we honestly don’t have the slightest idea about that, but we do know that about 15 of such motorcycles would be enough to get any prom started.


  1. Fake Exhaust

We’re getting back into the “can’t buy an actual superbike so I’ll get a fake part” area with the not-even-close-to-genuine superbike exhaust. It’s loud, it creates a lot of smoke, but it’s also made out of the tin and is completely useless.

The funniest thing about this is that it’s usually installed on a scooter that can’t carry more than 1.5 people uphill and that has the balance of a truck packed with hay in a curve.


  1. Woman’s Scream Horn

We’ve left the best for the last. Everyone knows and loves that special car and bike horns that have a tune or a funny melody, right? Now imagine if a bike went by and suddenly you could hear a woman shrieking as if she were being murdered.

This is, by far, the most ridiculous and nonsensical thing one can “upgrade” a bike with. There is absolutely no reason to have your bike sound like a screaming woman whenever you sound a horn unless you want to attract every rapist and serial killer in the near vicinity.

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