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5 Myths About Bikers

Certain members of different matchmaking niches, like cougar dating scene, for example, often fall victims to mean stereotypes and misconceptions. Now, even though you might expect some people to judge cougars and call them names (like cradle snatchers for example), you don’t expect that to happen to bikers. Motorcycle riders are usually strong, tough, and cool, but even they sometimes become victims of various stereotypes and myths. This is why we’ve decided to share are the 5 most common misconceptions about bikers.

Bikers Enjoy Being Dirty

This is, probably, one of the most common misconceptions about male bike riders out there. However, this is not true at all. Yes, bikers get dirty from time to time, but that’s just because they spend most of their time in a garage, working on their bikes. It’s the lifestyle they chose, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they love being covered in oil and engine grease. They are actually very clean people who care about their outfits and appearance.

They Don’t Want A Long-Term Relationship

There’s a popular belief that bikers are not interested in traditional long-term romantic relationships. To be fair, some of them are often on the road, which makes it hard for them to maintain a relationship, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want one. The fact that these fellas are brave and tough has nothing to do with their dating or romantic preferences. They too crave companionship and most of them would trade all those casual arrangements and one night stands for one serious, long-term, and loving relationship with a special gal.

Riders Are Not Smart

This is probably the meanest and most hurtful myth about these men and, unfortunately, you can hear it everywhere. A lot of people tend to judge motorcyclists for choosing this particular lifestyle by saying that it’s the only thing they can actually do. However, this misconception is rather ridiculous. These fellas are actually pretty capable and smart, but they simply chose this life because they seek adventure.

They Have Many Tattoos

One of the most popular stereotypes about bikers is that they have their bodies covered in ink. Sure, certain riders love to ink their skin and show off some badass tattoos, but that doesn’t mean that all motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy inking their body with symbols. The majority of riders are actually people with jobs and responsibilities, which means they have to look presentable in their offices and workplaces.

Most Bikers Are Mean And Rough

This is something you often see in movies and TV shows, and those characters are usually members of criminal gangs and organizations. In real life, bikers are simple guys who enjoy riding and collecting motorcycles. Most of them are in fact pretty nice, polite, and pleasant. Of course, they know how to defend themselves and their friends, but that’s not a reason to call them mean or harsh. If you treat them with respect, they will respond with kindness and love, no doubt about it.

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