A Complete GuideLine On Motorcycle helmet speakersTips 

A Complete Guideline on Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

The emergence and advancement of motorcycle helmet speakers have really helped to revolutionise the riding experience. With these gadgets it is now it is possible for you to stay connected in multiple ways – be it listening to music, making wireless calls, using the intercom to converse with other riders, and making good old phone calls.

First up though, it’s important to know what’s available to you considering that there’s no dearth of such speakers in the market.

Types of motorcycle helmet speakers

There are two main types of speaker in as far as their relation to the helmet is concerned:

i. Freestanding helmet speakers :

Their design allows the user to wear them outside of the helmet. Manufacturers are especially particular on the need for their products to offer a comfortable fit.

ii. Attached speakers aka built-in speakers :

These speakers are built inside the helmet and are designed similarly to on-ear headphones. They are positioned to fall above your ears at a comfortable angle, and their connection to your device is either via Bluetooth or cable.

Motorcycle helmet speakers

Considerations when choosing the best motorcycle helmet speakers for you

There are seven main things you should think about before forking out your cash on such speakers:


Knowing just how potentially perilous the slightest of distractions can be for a motorcycle rider, you need to ask yourself whether a speaker’s design will work for or against you. Wireless speakers may seem like the obvious option; the downside is that connection failure does happen. The alternative i.e. wired speakers are synonymous with isolation breaking and tangling issues.

Comfort :

Just like in the case of typical headphones you need to find motorcycle helmet speakers that won’t result in soreness despite extended periods of use. In this case, you might want to choose from varieties that will comfortably snuggle within the space your helmet’s ear pads can allow.

Convenience :

This mostly applies to riders who prefer to pull on gloves whenever they take their bikes for a spin. Your gloved hand will likely be unable to press a button or adjust the volume; for you, voice-controlled wireless speakers can come in real handy. Microphone-fitted speakers will allow you to do everything hands-free, including taking calls, playing music, and operating GPS, all without removing your helmet, are worth considering, too.


However appealing a speaker type may be you’ll want to be sure that it will offer you an extended period of service, especially considering that it’ll be directly exposed to diverse weather conditions and varied riding terrains.

Your preferred helmet type and size:

Are you a full-face or half-face helmet wearer? In the case of the latter, you’ll want to find speakers that’ll not only attach properly (either via clamp or adhesive) but also assure your hearing regardless of echo or wind sound.

Multi-device capability and long battery life:

You are well advised to go for Bluetooth-supporting speakers capable of enabling you to switch between devices seamlessly. The importance of  long battery life is rather obvious.


This consideration largely takes into account all the above, and more, including brand, warranties, etc. Getting value for your money should always be top of mind.

Top-rated motorcycle helmet speakers worth your consideration

1. The Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

This device will facilitate long range (up to 900 meters) exchanges of music and communication between you and others. It comes with Bluetooth 3.0, giving you superb speed dialling and talking advantages. Also available to you is the Universal Intercom Protocol; with the help of this feature, you’ll be able to hold intercom conversations with others despite their brand of speaker.

Other great features are hands-free calls, multi-device capability, button operation and access convenience, Jog Dial adjustable volume, noise cancellation, 12 hours battery life from a single charge (10-day standby time), standard clamp attachment, and easy installation. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

2. iASUS XSound 3

These make for some of the market’s most top-notch motorcycle helmet speakers. They are big on superb sound quality, being high-definition and all. They also boast of magnificent design mainly defined by clean lines and a light-weight aluminium framework. Their thin design means that they easily fit into just about any helmet type and size. They are also fitted with foam pads which not only assure your comfort but also help with the elimination of audio quality degradation.

You can use these with iASUS mobile amplifiers, digital media players, and portable music, but they may not be compatible with Sena SMH10R or Scala Rider. You’re assured of excellent sound quality at top speed. Nevertheless, you may have to contend with compatibility issues. The speakers are also prone to permanent damage as a result of improper installation and excessive volume.

3. Low profile Sena SMH10R

This is yet another excellent variety of motorcycle helmet speakers that’ll appeal to you thanks to their light-weight, thin and uncomplicated design, as well as all-around high-quality performance aspects.

Your Bluetooth-enabled headset will be great for enjoying music, participating in intercom conversations, hands-free calls, and listening to GPS instructions. Bluetooth control features are also used for playback functions including forward, backward and pause. This device has been designed to guarantee noise reduction and clarity of sound at ranges of up to 900 meters.

Diverse sound issues have been excellently addressed on this device; features include in-call background noise reduction, audio boost enabling clear hearing of the other end of the line, and assorted helpful options including voice prompt, added volume and reduced noise.

Rest assured that compatibility with other Bluetooth-enabled communication systems is guaranteed, thanks to Sena’s Universal Intercom.

Additional desirable features include upgradability, long-life battery, easy installation, and a flexible boom microphone. On the flip side, you could have issues with the baffling button controls (use voice control if this is the case), and the speakers’ sensitivity to wind noise.

Final Words:

We think our writing on motorcycle helmet speaker will help to choose yours. Please share it with your friends and family if you like it. For now goodbye.

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