Welcome to Motor Ta Bai!

This is a motorcycle travel blog that talks about the trips and adventures with a motorcycle. This blog is created for the love of motorcycle and travel. Highlighted all the rides that a motorcycle can reach across the Philippines. It features all the crazy things that can be seen and found on a motorcycle trips. With a mission to be able to travel all the beautiful places of the Philippines that are passable by a motorbike.

Motorbikes has been a part of my life since college days. Right before I graduated college it’s been a goal of mine to purchase one until I got one in college. From there on, bike is life already 🙂 they are a big part of me of what makes me, me.

Dad, husband, SEO/PPC and a motorcyclist.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog. Your comments and encouragements meant a lot to me!