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The Enchanting Banyan Springs Resort in Tabogon Cebu

A fine weekend it is and there’s no traces that it will rain. So our gears and motorcycles are ready for a weekend ride and we have decided to visit the Banyan Springs Resort, formerly called Guiwanon Cold Spring. Meetup time is 5 am in the morning but we ride off at around 7 am as some of the Motor Ta Bai’s crew are late.

The Banyan Springs Resort is located in Tabogon, Cebu and the road going there is not that good during our visit as most are under construction. It’s a rough ride indeed but it’s all worth it especially if you will be able to behold the beauty of enchanting spring.

It is actually one of the favorite destination of the citizens living in Tabogon and nearby towns like Sogod and Bogo as the waters is really that clear and you will really feel the refreshing waters as you dip.

The view is relaxing as well. We happened to took a lot of pictures as well as drone shots as we are really amazed of the beautiful spring the Banyan Springs Resort / Guiwanon Cold Spring has to offer.

So, if you are looking to experience nature somewhere North of Cebu. Include Banyan Springs Resort in your itinerary and surely you will not regret it as you can experience the cold and turquoise water.

There are cottages worth 100 pesos and entrance fee of 10 pesos. Parking is also available at 10 pesos for motorcycles and 20 pesos for cars. Check out the beautiful pictures below as well as how to get there and possible expenses:

Banyan Springs Resort
Enjoy the captivating turquoise waters.
Banyan Springs Resort Tabogon Cebu
We are indeed enjoying the clear and refreshing spring.

banyan springs resort at guiwanon

guiwanon cold spring

banyan springs resort entrance
We finally arrived at the spring.



How to get there?

Exact location: Brgy. Maslog, Tabogon Cebu

It is approximately 3 hours from the city. Go to north bus terminal at Subangdaku, Mandaue and ride a bus going to Tabogon or ask bystanders for the bus going to Tabogon via Borbon. Inform the driver to drop you off at Guiwanon Cold Spring as that is currently they are known of. The spring resort is along the main road heading to Tabogon proper.

If you have a motorcycle or private vehicle. Just go to the north of Cebu and just follow the sign going to Tabogon (right side). You will be able to easily spot the place going as it’s just along the way.



4 liters gasoline back and forth for your beloved 150cc motorcycle.

Bus: P160 round trip non aircon mini bus

Cottage (Optional): P100

Parking fee: P10 motorcycle and P20 for cars

Entrance: P10 each


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