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How To Enjoy A (Very) Cheap Weekend Away with your Motorcycle

Going away with your motorcycle and to stay in a hotel for a weekend is a great way to forget all your daily troubles and to really unwind and relax. This way you can stay somewhere where cleaning up won’t be your responsibility and where you won’t even have to cook for yourself, and at the same time you’ll get to explore a new area and see new sights. Isn’t that what life is all about?

The only problem with doing this regularly though, is that it can cost quite a lot to go on a ride and stay at a hotel regularly. Here then we’ll look at some tips to help you stay somewhere  cheaply and still have a great time and still get to really unwind and relax.

Go As a Two – Or a Four

If you have a partner, then going with them will right away save you money as many hotels will charge for the room rather than per person. If you don’t have a partner to take, then you could always consider bringing a friend. This will be a great bonding experience, but it will also mean that you both get to stay in a hotel for half price. If you drive, then you’ll also be able to split the cost of fuel making it even cheaper still. You can even team up with a group of friends and stay in nearby hotels allowing you all to share the travel costs without staying in the same place.

Look for Hidden Costs

Look for hidden costs

Finding a cheap hotel is the first order of the day of course, but you should make sure that you look out for hidden costs that might catch you out. If you are driving for instance, look into the costs of parking which can be very expensive. Likewise, if you are going to be using the internet at all, then make sure that you don’t have to pay a premium for that service too and look into ones that offers free WIFI.

Eat Cheap

Breakfast Waffle

One of the biggest expenses when going way – other than the hotel itself – is the cost of eating out every night. Well the good news is, that you don’t actually have to eat out every night if you don’t want to. Find a bed and breakfast first and foremost as that way your breakfast will be included right away. Next, look online to find somewhere nearby you can shop for food. This way you can then have a picnic on your bed in the room – which is just as indulgent and fun as eating out – or you can even have an actual picnic in a park somewhere nearby.

Enjoy Cheap Activities

Likewise, you don’t need to spend lots of money on activities while you’re away either. You can just as easily have fun for free by having a walk around the area to see the sights, or by staying the room and watching a film or playing some cards. The point is that you’ll be away from your usual responsibilities and stresses, and able to just enjoy relaxing and doing things that you enjoy. So you really don’t need to go to an expensive museum or have an expensive meal out in order to have a good time and a memorable trip.

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