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Felixberto’s Burgers: A Riders Meeting Place Above Sea Level

It’s a cold and rainy weekend. We’ve decided to go on top of Cebu after the rain stops. I am eager to go to transcentral highway and final stop at Felixberto’s Burgers and Hotdogs just to test how my Aerox 155 fair with uphill ride as well as with the curves to know how good it is for banking. Also, to buy cheap avocado’s in TCH area. This motorcycle did not disappoint me as it has been a smooth uphill ride and fair well enough with the twisties and curves even I had my wife with me during the ride and the roads are slippery, the tires had no problem and holds well on wet roads.

TCH - Road to Felixberto
A road to Felixberto’s Burgers and Hotdogs in Transcentral Highway

Situated just around 30 kilometers away from our meetup place in Shell Lahug, Felixberto’s Burger and Hotdogs in Transcentral Highway is considered as the meeting place or pit stop to most motorcyclists. When we got there, there are members of the Aerox Club Philippines Cebu Chapter that are already there. We greeted each other as I’m personally is a member as well. There are also some motorcyclists that are practicing for the Cebu 600 Challenge as TCH is one of the route of the said event. Not just a pit stop for motorcycles, there are also cars and families in there and enjoying the nice view as well as the sumptuous burgers and hot dogs. Burgers and hotdogs are sold at around 30 – 50 pesos and also they are selling sodas and coffees for those who just want to sip a hot drink for the expected cold weather from above. Motorcyclists do come often here as they offer a great view and a fine and cold weather. If you are lucky, you might encounter a very nice fog in the area which makes the place breathtaking.

ACP Cebu Chapter
Aerox Club Philippines Cebu Chapter

The place is situated near Adventure Café and a few meters in Sky Adventure. If you go further, you can visit West 35, Camso-X as well as the Cambuhawe Spring Pool.

So, if you are planning to visit the places above, be sure to check out the Burgers and hotdogs of Felixberto. Not just they are cheap but the foods are delicious.

Felixberto's Burgers and Hotdogs
Felixberto’s Storefront
Adventure Cafe View
Adventure Cafe View
Motorbike Pit Stop

Stopping by to buy cheap avocado’s

Travel Details:


Gasoline for Shell Lahug to Felixberto’s Burgers and Hotdogs and vice versa – 150 php full tank (left 3 bars after the ride)
Burgers and Coke for 2 persons – 100 php
Avocado 2 kilos – 60 php

Shell Lahug to Felixberto’s Itinerary:

03:00 PM – Meet-up at the Shell Lahug
03:30 PM – Depart for Felixberto’s Burgers and Hotdogs
04:30 PM – ETA ( Felixberto’s Burgers and Hotdogs ).
04:30 PM – Chats and Snacks
06:00 PM – Depart for Avocado Stall
06:15 PM – ETA (Avocado Stall)
06:30 PM – Depart from Avocado Stall
07:15 PM – ETA in Cebu City

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