How to ride motorcycle with your childTips 

How to ride motorcycle with your child

Motorcycle riding is fun and kids love to ride on it. Someday, your kid or neighbor kid may wish to ride on your bike. What do you will do then? No worries. You just need to follow some guideline and take some security precautions to ride a motorcycle with your child. Hope our guideline on how to ride motorcycle with your child will help you in that situation.

How to ride motorcycle with your child with safety tips:

You may think that taking a kid for motorbike ride can be dangerous. But it is not completely true. If you know the proper way and take the necessary steps, we can ensure the security of our child.

riding motorcycle with a child

1. First Take necessary equipment:

Take a kid’s Fitting Helmet:

We often see that kid’s wearing adult sized helmet bouncing around the kid’s head. Those helmets are not capable of saving your child as they are not fitted. If the helmet is loose fitting, your child may feel uncomfortable and it may come off the head during the collision.

So it is recommended to buy a kids bike helmet. The helmet has to be handy and have some must things like chin-bar, face-shield etc.

Get Proper Clothing:

Don’t neglect this. It is very necessary to give your child proper clothing. Your child may catch cold at the time of riding because of heavy air flow and get hot for heavy sunshine. Different child disease such as fever, flux etc. Can happen due to this. Proper riding jacket will save your kid from this.

Safety Guard and gloves:

Safety always comes first and if it is the matter of our child life then we can’t take any risk. There are many safety guards available in the market but all are not that useful. Among them knee guard, ankle guard is a must. Any quality kid glove pair is enough for your child.

2. Set Up your Bike

Most of the motorbike is made for adults to sit and ride. So your kid may find it difficult to adjust while riding. In that case, our suggestion is to make some necessary adjustment to make it fit for your kid. So what adjustments need to take? We find some necessary adjustments and give those here. Let’s check those.

  • If your kid is very little, he may find it tough to sit or reach properly in your bike. In that case, you can make the sit littler higher depends on your child height.
  • You can add foothold for your kid to make the riding comfort for him.
  • If possible, You can add an extra bar to the bike head where your child can hold his hand.

Those little things can give your child a comfortable bike riding experience.

3. Balance your child in the bike:

After taking all the necessary equipment and set up your bike, it is time to talk about the most important topic- balance your child while riding. Most of us tend to place our kids in front of the bike. There are many risk factor involving in that case so we should avoid this. So what can we do? You may tell your child to hold their hand in the bar of your motorbike. But your child’s hand is too tiny to hold it perfect for a long time. In that situation, using a child riding belt to hold your child in the right position is the best solution. This belt is made such a way that can handle your kid’s weight, give your proper grip on them and secure him from the unwanted accident.


Final Words:

We write the mandatory guideline and safety tips on riding kids on the motorcycle. Hope it will give you and your child a good riding. Thank you for staying with us.

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