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Types and Designs of Motorcycle Trailers: Updated Information 2019

Motorcycle trailers vary in various ways, functionality, design, shape, and size. There are two major types of motorcycle trailers in the market. Either they can carry motorcycles (to transport motorcycles) or a motorcycle can pull one, which has the ability to carry along more gear. However, both serve as storage units to ease transportation. There are different designs and models of trailers. Choosing one means that you will be looking for one that will meet your needs and preferences. For example, if you transport motorcycles to retail outlets, your needs will differ from those who are looking for a trailer for their own motorcycle.

Motorcycle Carrying Trailers

This type of motorcycle trailer seeks to transport motorcycles from one point to another. Many a time, new motorcycles for resale reach their destinations using this type of motorcycle trailer. The size and holding capacity will vary with some trailers being able to carry more than one motorcycle.

The features that make this trailer unique for motorcycles are the inclusion of tracks and tiedown points. These features ensure that the motorcycle remains in position even when the trailer is in motion. Some trailers will include a ramp to ease the loading and unloading process of motorcycles while others need you to lift the motorcycles into position. The following are some common trailer designs under this type of motorcycle trailer.

  • Basic motorcycle trailer design

Originally, this was the design used. It comprises of a fixed platform that is mounted above axles. The number of axles may vary. When using this trailer, you must load the motorcycle by lifting it, which can be problematic for heavy machinery.

  • Tilt bed design

In this design, the platform teeters on the axle. Due to this, the tail of the trailer reaches the ground level. Here, you can then push the motorcycle into the trailer or simply ride it into the trailer bed thanks to the provided ledger. This design comes in some variations. Some will automatically tilt back and lock your machine in place soon as the motorcycle reaches the bed pivot point.

  • Drop bed design

The drop bed design makes it rather easier as compared to the other designs to load and unload your motorcycle. It drops the platform to the ground level and the motorcycle is either drive or rolled on the lip of the platform. The entire load, with the motorcycle in position, is secured in place.

The difference between the tilt bed and the drop bed is that the drop bed is loaded with the platform in a horizontal position on the ground then lifts the load onto the trailer whereas the tilt bed design locks the motorcycle in the trailer.

Motorcycle Pulling/ Cargo Trailers

Motorcycle enthusiasts will want to ride their motorcycle even when they have to transport more equipment. To provide sufficient space for the extra gear and equipment, the use of a motorcycle trailer comes in handy. Trailers attached to motorcycles are common and they vary in design, shape, and size. Many cyclists will match the look of the trailer to that of their motorcycle. There are different designs and types of this motorcycle including:

  • Utility trailer

Utility trailers are open and come with a single axle. They are uncovered allowing individuals to make use of the available space. Unlike other open trailers, they are smaller because a two-wheeled vehicle pulls them. They resemble an open cart similar to that which animals pull.

  • Cargo trailer

A cargo trailer just as the name suggests is a trailer that will carry your extra luggage when a cyclist is on the road. It does not restrict the luggage to other cycling equipment and materials. For example, if you intend going on a road trip, a cargo trailer will come in handy. Many of these motorcycle trailers are made of aluminum or fiberglass materials.

  • Motorcycle camping trailers

This type of trailer is ideal for camping enthusiasts who do not intend who do not intend packing too much. This type comes with two major designs, the clamshell, and platform designs. The platform design is generally larger as compared to the clamshell camper trailer. Both designs are functional in the outdoors to ensure you have everything you need during your stay in the open. Depending on your luggage quantity, you will be able to choose between the two designs.

  • Pet trailer

Some cyclists own pets and they intend carrying them along with them. They are designed with enough space and ideal ventilation to ensure the comfort of your pet. Whether you are taking a day out or visiting the vet, a pet trailer will conveniently get you around with ease. Many will fit smaller pets such as cats and dogs.

Custom made Motorcycle Trailers

Some companies will customize a motorcycle trailer to fit the exact specifications of an individual. This is in terms of design, color combination, and size. Some cyclists will prefer a trailer that will resemble their bike in terms of color and print and they would like to use it for a specific function. For example, if they intend to use it for shopping, their function will determine their size. Customizable trailers may cost more than the buy-off-the-shelf motorcycle trailers.

Customizing trailers can be done in two ways. You can buy an already existent motorcycle trailer and then make adjustments to suit your ideal needs and preferences. Alternatively, you can have the entire trailer built to your preferences from the very start.


Motorcycle trailers ease transportation of different items. If you will be transporting your own motorcycle or if you intend carrying luggage when riding your motorcycle, you will be able to identify the right trailer to deliver your goal. Despite the variance in the product detail, there are a number of brands out in the market for you to shop.

Always remember that you need to uphold on safety whether you intend purchasing or customizing a motorcycle trailer. You do not want your motorcycle to accidentally roll away or your equipment to detach from your motorcycle. Choosing the right trailer will ease your transportation and boost your riding experience.


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