motorcycle headlight lamp Tips 

How to Take Care of your Motorbike

It’s safe to assume that every single guy out there has wanted to own a motorcycle, at least at one point in his life. The case is probably the same with you, right? Well, that’s perfectly understandable, especially because these awesome two-wheelers work on almost all ladies out there. Moreover, as a biker, you can easily seduce both beautiful young girls and the hot women of the cougar dating scene. However, owning a bike is not all fun and games. Motorcycles require detailed, thorough and regular maintenance in order to…

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How To Buy Your First Motorcycle Tips 

How To Buy Your First Motorcycle

In the sea of opinions and recommendations on how you should choose your first bike, we’ve managed to find and analyze the most critical aspects of this uber exciting decision. Whether you’re into cougar dating and want to increase your chance of riding away into the sunset with a hot mamma, you feel like you’re ready for a new adrenaline-pumping hobby or you’ve just always wanted to learn to ride but never got around to it – fear not because we’ve got you covered! #1: Make Sure The Bike Fits…

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How To Plan Your Route For A Long Motorcycle Ride Tips 

How To Plan Your Route For A Long Motorcycle Ride

Taking long motorcycle rides is one of the best experiences you can treat yourself to with all the weeks of planning, the adrenaline rush you get just thinking about the new adventures, being on the road and seeing all those new and exciting places with friends, and creating long-lasting memories. If you’re not the kind of person to make sudden and rash decisions, you’ll appreciate all the advice we’d like to offer to ensure you get the most out of your trip and avoid any mistakes that can disrupt the…

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raider vs sniper vs rs spec sheet battle Reviews 

Spec-sheet Battle: Raider R150 Fi vs Sniper 150 MXi vs Honda RS150

We have been blessed that the biggest Japanese brands are offering a 150cc underbone in the market today. There has been three 150cc underbone to choose from and most of us are getting confused on what to buy. The Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi and Honda RS150 has been added to the mix to compete with the famous Raider 150. Both of these newly added motorcycles are Fuel Injected. But Suzuki has jumped into the bandwagon of Fuel Injected motorcycle to get into the mix and not to be left behind.…

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motorcycle collection Tips 

How Do You Become A Motorcycle Collector?

It’s safe to say that motorcyclists are one of the most popular people out there. A lot of girls want to date a cowboy who rides a steel horse, and we can’t blame them for that. This is just one of the many reasons why most men and women are trying out this specific lifestyle. All they need to do is get a license, buy a motorcycle, and hit the road. However, some people are not satisfied with owning just one vehicle. Certain individuals are interested in collecting these bad…

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Banyan Springs Resort Rides 

The Enchanting Banyan Springs Resort in Tabogon Cebu

A fine weekend it is and there’s no traces that it will rain. So our gears and motorcycles are ready for a weekend ride and we have decided to visit the Banyan Springs Resort, formerly called Guiwanon Cold Spring. Meetup time is 5 am in the morning but we ride off at around 7 am as some of the Motor Ta Bai’s crew are late. The Banyan Springs Resort is located in Tabogon, Cebu and the road going there is not that good during our visit as most are under…

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why date a motorcycle lover Tips 

Top 10 Reasons You Should Date A Motorcyclist

Every single dating niche out there has its benefits. If you decide to date a cowboy, for example, you’ll learn a lot about the life in the countryside. If by any chance you want to date an artist, you will be driven by his passion and talent. However, if you want an exciting and adventurous relationship, then you should definitely hook up with a motorcycle rider. These fellas lead a rather interesting lifestyle that might provide you with many memorable moments. Of course, the adventurous spirit is not the only…

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5 rides snacks Tips 

5 Great Ride Trip Snacks

One of the best and most simple joys in life comes from being able to spend a few hours riding to a destination of your choice. If you have a ride coming up and want to make sure that it is all it can be, you’ll need to work on your snack menu and eat it on each stop over of your ride. Here are five things that you should make sure you include on your list of snacks to bring before you start your journey: Favorite chips If you’re…

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motorcycle travel tips Tips 

How To Enjoy A (Very) Cheap Weekend Away with your Motorcycle

Going away with your motorcycle and to stay in a hotel for a weekend is a great way to forget all your daily troubles and to really unwind and relax. This way you can stay somewhere where cleaning up won’t be your responsibility and where you won’t even have to cook for yourself, and at the same time you’ll get to explore a new area and see new sights. Isn’t that what life is all about? The only problem with doing this regularly though, is that it can cost quite…

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Aerox 155 vs Nmax vs Click 150 Reviews 

Spec-sheet Fight: Yamaha Aerox vs Yamaha NMAX vs Honda Click 150

This year is turning out to be intriguing as there are 3 available Japanese Brand 150cc scooters in the market. Anyone who are on a hunt of 150cc scooters are treated by our country’s top manufacturers. The new Yamaha Aerox 155, the maxi scoot Yamaha NMAX and the upgraded Honda Click 150. Each of these are different but with NMAX and AEROX, they are using the same 155 blue core engine as where as the Click 150 used the old 125 engine but is bore up to 150cc but it’s…

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