A Complete GuideLine On Motorcycle helmet speakers Tips 

A Complete Guideline on Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

The emergence and advancement of motorcycle helmet speakers have really helped to revolutionise the riding experience. With these gadgets it is now it is possible for you to stay connected in multiple ways – be it listening to music, making wireless calls, using the intercom to converse with other riders, and making good old phone calls. First up though, it’s important to know what’s available to you considering that there’s no dearth of such speakers in the market. Types of motorcycle helmet speakers There are two main types of speaker…

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how to properly wash a motorcycle Tips 

How to Properly Wash a Motorcycle

At the end of the day, there’s something to pay for the fun that comes with riding a motorcycle. Worst part, you can’t avoid it, particularly when your bike is your best companion. Motorcycle washing, as simple as it sounds, might make or ruin your day. Take a look at the configuration of a motorcycle, compare to a car, and the reason becomes all too clear. For most part, lots of components are exposed. One simple mistake, and you might damage your bike. But with a well laid-down procedure, the…

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burnout Tips 

5 Motorcycle Accessories that make Absolutely No Sense

For some people, things like gay parades and transgender dating sites have no meaning or are without purpose entirely. For bikers, however, the only thing that makes no sense has to do with certain motorcycle accessories and add-ons that can only hamper one’s experience or make the machine itself look ridiculous. Let’s face it – many bikers out there would love to have the time and funds to upgrade their ride so that it looks super cool and awesome. But when that’s simply not an option, a bike owner should…

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Top 4 Biking Movies Tips 

Top 4 Biking Movies

Let’s be honest, bikers are probably the coolest dudes out there. Most guys want to be them and most gals want to date them. The fact that both young generations of women and ladies from the cougar dating scene are into them proves that these fellas are sexy and desirable indeed. This is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why filmmakers from all over the world enjoy making movies about biker clubs, gangs, and motorcycle riders. So, if you’re a bike enthusiast, you simply have to check out…

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cebu bikers Tips 

5 Myths About Bikers

Certain members of different matchmaking niches, like cougar dating scene, for example, often fall victims to mean stereotypes and misconceptions. Now, even though you might expect some people to judge cougars and call them names (like cradle snatchers for example), you don’t expect that to happen to bikers. Motorcycle riders are usually strong, tough, and cool, but even they sometimes become victims of various stereotypes and myths. This is why we’ve decided to share are the 5 most common misconceptions about bikers. Bikers Enjoy Being Dirty This is, probably, one…

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How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Tips 

How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Both delivery boys who drive mopeds and old school Harley-riding bikers who enjoy dwelling on cougar dating sites in pursuit of their next love interest need to know how to take care of their gear. And while getting into the maintenance of a complex machine like a motorcycle would be too much for one article, we’ve decided to look into something more fundamental – how to clean a motorcycle helmet, to be precise. You see, the helmet is one of the most critical parts of any biker’s equipment, seeing as…

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How to Make the Most of Your Motorcycle Tires Tips 

How to Make the Most of Your Motorcycle Tires

Whether you’ve just started to meet people online and got interested in becoming a biker while doing so, or you have years and years of being a road hog behind you, you should know all about regular maintenance of your bike, no matter how big or small it is. And what better way to spend your money on maintenance than by taking care of the most expendable thing on a motorcycle after fuel? That’s right; we’re talking about tires. In that name, here are some tips on how to extend…

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motorcycle headlight lamp Tips 

How to Take Care of your Motorbike

It’s safe to assume that every single guy out there has wanted to own a motorcycle, at least at one point in his life. The case is probably the same with you, right? Well, that’s perfectly understandable, especially because these awesome two-wheelers work on almost all ladies out there. Moreover, as a biker, you can easily seduce both beautiful young girls and the hot women of the cougar dating scene. However, owning a bike is not all fun and games. Motorcycles require detailed, thorough and regular maintenance in order to…

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How To Buy Your First Motorcycle Tips 

How To Buy Your First Motorcycle

In the sea of opinions and recommendations on how you should choose your first bike, we’ve managed to find and analyze the most critical aspects of this uber exciting decision. Whether you’re into cougar dating and want to increase your chance of riding away into the sunset with a hot mamma, you feel like you’re ready for a new adrenaline-pumping hobby or you’ve just always wanted to learn to ride but never got around to it – fear not because we’ve got you covered! #1: Make Sure The Bike Fits…

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How To Plan Your Route For A Long Motorcycle Ride Tips 

How To Plan Your Route For A Long Motorcycle Ride

Taking long motorcycle rides is one of the best experiences you can treat yourself to with all the weeks of planning, the adrenaline rush you get just thinking about the new adventures, being on the road and seeing all those new and exciting places with friends, and creating long-lasting memories. If you’re not the kind of person to make sudden and rash decisions, you’ll appreciate all the advice we’d like to offer to ensure you get the most out of your trip and avoid any mistakes that can disrupt the…

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