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Recommended Outfit for a Long Distance Motorcycle Ride

Cruising the open roads on a beautiful bike sounds like heaven. Just picture it: you, your trusty steed and nothing and no one to weigh you down. Imagined in this picture of perfect freedom should also be some consideration of motorcycle style. Fear not, this is not an article about fashion (or only about fashion), but mainly, about safety. When you’re planning a long distance ride, there are a handful of important considerations to take to heart so you remain comfortable and safe.

Safety first

Making sure you have the correct safety gear is the first step to prepare for a long distance ride. In addition to a helmet, you will need to consider a pair of gloves, pants and a jacket. These pieces should all be chosen to suit the climate you’re riding in. Adjust the material and thickness based on where and when you’re riding.

Accessories and hair

It’s important to think about your accessories and how you’re planning to wear your hair under your helmet. Only you know what makes you the most comfortable but a general rule for hair is comfort over style. Being under a helmet and subjected to the conditions of the day means that at the end of the day it’s not going to be pretty under there. Tie long hair back to keep it off your face and out of the wind. If you wear prescription glasses consider wearing a spare pair instead of your everyday pair (same with sunglasses!). They are easy to lose, misplace or sit on. Overall, keep accessories to a minimum and make sure they allow for comfort and are secure.

Consider weather changes

It’s important to think about layering pieces so always check the local forecast at your destination and at various points along the way. When you start riding in the morning, it may be cool and as the sun hits its peak for the day you may want to remove some layers. But don’t forget if you’re riding into the evening it can get chilly again. If rain is in the forecast, be sure to have a few replacement layers to keep you warm and dry.

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Comfortable layers

When you’re layering for a trip, think first about the pieces closest to your skin. These will be the pieces with you all day and you definitely want high quality. Women’s tops from The Upside are stylish and will make you feel pretty even with bulky gear on. Building on this first layer, look for comfortable material with the desired weight for the temperature. Moisture wicking material is import in your layers. You will want any moisture to be pulled away from your body to keep you comfortable and at a regulated temperature.

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Planning your long distance trip will be a fun and exciting challenge. If you’re prepared with all of the right gear and feel great then the trip will be a memorable one!

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