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Red Rock Hot Springs and Waterfalls: A Pulangbato Experience

This is one of the scenic view of our Dumaguete Ride. After passing the Sulfur Vent Highway, you will be able to know that you are already near with the Red Rock Hot Spring and Waterfalls or also know as Pulangbato Falls. This is located a few kilometers away from Dumaguete in the Town of Valencia. If you are in Valencia, don’t ever end your day without visiting this amazing scenery with natural red rocks that is why it’s called Pulangbato or Red Rock Falls.

Pulangbato Falls speaks to itself as it will color your world red that resembles of a blood and as enticing as a red velvet. They call it a unique waterfalls because the water looks like red that is caused by the red rocks all over the area. There’s some sort of minerals from the rocks that makes the waters look red but is naturally clear. Don’t worry, you can swim and dive in the water as it’s not blood and harmful 😊 There’s also a hot spring in the area.

The entrance fee here is just 50 pesos and you can have access to the spring as well as the waterfalls as well as there is a food stall that you can order shakes and other foods. We haven’t gone swimming as our plan just to have a swimming pool dip at Tierra Alta Club House after visiting this place and we regret that we didn’t try to experience dipping in the spring as well as in the waterfalls.

Take a look of the pictures we have taken below and surely you will love it:

Pulangbato Spring
Pulangbato Spring
Pulangbato Falls
A view of Pulangbato Falls
Group Shot

After an hour or two here in Pulangbato waterfalls, we ride to our next destination which is the Tierra Alta Clubhouse.

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