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Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter Review

It can’t be denied that scooters are most likely probably the most popular types of two wheel transportation that you can buy. Product sales of motorcycles and scooters in the Philippines this past year improved 7.6 percent to 850,509 from 790,245 in 2014, relating to statistics from the ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF). The creation of motorcycle and scooters in the united states also increased in 2015 by 5.4 percent to 795,840 from 755,184 in 2014, AAF data showed. Shell required the chance to cater to this type of band of motorists with the intro of their new selection of Shell Ultra scooter oils. Scooters have become popular because they’re easier to trip and so are cheaper than motorcycles. They are generally utilized for daily commute to function or running little errands.

With scooters being completely different devices to conventional motorcycles or mopeds, the characteristics on what the engines perform will vary as well as they’ll work at higher RPMs usually. With this understanding, Shell’s new selection of scooter oils guarantees 33% better engine washing, retains oxidation stability 43% longer and viscosity 42% longer compared to the current API limit.

Shell Philippines already introduced this new Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter oil way back before to meet up the developing demand for scooter-particular lubricant as the 2-wheel transport recognition in the country.

Scooter engines will vary from motorcycle engines. They might need a compatible oil that’s low friction and offers better oxidative stability.

From this idea alone. I have decided to use an engine oil specially designed for scooter. Got feedback from my friends as well as the popularity of this new oil that it provides good performance. I tried to have it a test on my Aerox 155 to check if there will be a difference in performance. It’s my 3rd change oil today at 4200 odo reading. For you to have an idea about this Shell scooter oil. This is a specially formulated new engine oil for scooters that is fully synthetic Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter with PurePlus Technology 5W-40.

shell advance ultra scooter retail price

Here’s what my review and feedback for the Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter 5w-40:

1. It’s a fully synthetic oil and you will expect ultimate protection and oil reliable. I am very confident with this oil.
2. It also dampen vibration and reduces noise compared with the previous oil I used.
3. My scooter now easily accelerates and you can really feel the faster response even to my slightest touch of the throttle and definitely helps perform my scooters to its peak potential.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this engine and I highly recommend this one for your scooter engine oil needs. If you are planning to buy this oil, make sure to check first the Shell outlets as most outlets does not sell this oil or have limited stocks. Got mine at around 485 pesos but is all worth it.

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8 Thoughts to “Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter Review”

  1. Mark anthony Nario

    Sir saang branch kayo nakabili?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Any SHELL outlet po. Pero if taga cebu ka, you can buy at the Shell in front of Maayo Hospital.

  2. Ken Labares

    Hello sir good eve. Mag first change oil nako karon 25 sako Roxy since d naman nako maabot ang 500-1.5k km mark basin ari nlang gyd kos 30 days nga maabtan mag change oil. Okay raba kini nga engine oil akong gamiton sa una nakong change oil sir? Di ba kaha mo alma ang taga yamaha nga dile Yamalube akong gamiton pa change oil? Salamat kaayu sir. Di ba kaha sayang since 1st paman sad nako ning change oil? Enlighten me sir.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hey, you can use fully synthetic oils directly specially for FI motorycles. You can use outside oils in Yamaha shops.

  3. How many kms do we have to run before we change for this one?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      I usually follow the motorcycle manual for change oil. But fully synthetic usually 5k kms.

  4. SZby

    Sure? I thought one cannot have synthetic oil directly from mineral oil because it might damage the engine?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Nope. Automatic scooters today can use fully synthetic right away. You can check with your dealer and they will agree to use it right after.

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