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Spec-sheet Battle: Raider R150 Fi vs Sniper 150 MXi vs Honda RS150

We have been blessed that the biggest Japanese brands are offering a 150cc underbone in the market today. There has been three 150cc underbone to choose from and most of us are getting confused on what to buy.

The Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi and Honda RS150 has been added to the mix to compete with the famous Raider 150. Both of these newly added motorcycles are Fuel Injected. But Suzuki has jumped into the bandwagon of Fuel Injected motorcycle to get into the mix and not to be left behind. The All new Suzuki Raider R150 Fi has been added to treat those in the hunt of 150cc underbone.

Each of these are different but the Honda RS150 and the Suzuki Raider R150 Fi are using DOHC engine with 6-speed transmission while the Yamaha Sniper 150 Mxi is only SOHC with 5-speed transmission. In which for me, that’s the only difference between the 3.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of the three and it’s up to the consumers which style is the best and the one that offers the most bang of the buck in terms of the specs we will be showing. We have gathered the three models specifications for you to get it easier to compare.

Raider vs Sniper vs RS comparison chart


So, based on our Raider vs Sniper vs RS comparison, which of the three Japanese 150cc underbone motorcycle you will go? Comment your thoughts below.

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