Aerox 155 vs Nmax vs Click 150Reviews 

Spec-sheet Fight: Yamaha Aerox vs Yamaha NMAX vs Honda Click 150

This year is turning out to be intriguing as there are 3 available Japanese Brand 150cc scooters in the market. Anyone who are on a hunt of 150cc scooters are treated by our country’s top manufacturers. The new Yamaha Aerox 155, the maxi scoot Yamaha NMAX and the upgraded Honda Click 150.

Each of these are different but with NMAX and AEROX, they are using the same 155 blue core engine as where as the Click 150 used the old 125 engine but is bore up to 150cc but it’s the most fuel efficient of the three with the Honda PGM-Fi engine.

While the NMAX is relatively the best technology as it has ABS and a rear disc brake but it will be up to consumers which looks they would go as in our opinion, 150cc doesn’t need that much of ABS technology as you will not go on a very high speed with that.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of the three. But it’s up to you which one offers the most bang of the buck in terms of specs. With that, we’ve gathered the all three models specifications.

So based on the numbers, which of these Japanese 150cc scooters would you go with?

aerox vs nmax vs click comparisonWhat do you think of our spec comparison of Yamaha Aerox 155 vs Yamaha Nmax vs Honda Click 150? Comment your thoughts below.

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39 Thoughts to “Spec-sheet Fight: Yamaha Aerox vs Yamaha NMAX vs Honda Click 150”

  1. bryan cabahug

    beha oi

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Geh, NMAX na.

      1. Carlos

        Ano ba masmabilis tlaga?

        1. Motor Ta Bai

          they are all the same and depends on the rider weight and rider skills. Anyway, at the end of the day, safety is more important than the speed.

        2. Rejie

          Honda click 150i
          Expect the unexpected of the three,. Wag kayong mamangha agad dahil sa 155 at 4 valves. Dapat subukan nyo upang mapatunayan. Kung pa hanap nyo edi go for NMAX and aerox. Pero mas practical ang honda click gamitin in anyways.

          1. Motor Ta Bai

            I totally agree with you 100% sir.

  2. Some of the specs for each scooter are inaccurate, I don’t know if this is specific by year but the Aerox does have an idle stop and some of the Aerox offer ABS brakes, maybe as an upgrade? And the 12v power socket, for all 3, maybe an upgrade also? Otherwise excellent comparison

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hello, Unfortunately the one that is released here in the Philippines is the basic one without the Idle Stop, ABS, keyless switch and also just have the very basic rear shock(not gas type with canister). Also 12v socket is only available for Aerox here in Philippines and cannot be found in NMAX and Click.

      This is the latest model’s specs that is available in Philippines for now. Thanks, hope this helps!

  3. Clyde

    Sir regarding the 2018 nmax with sub tank rear suspension and other upgrade, do you know if it will be release here in ph?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hello Clyde, I have no idea about it but the latest release was the matte black one and the gold mags. I think they will not be releasing anytime soon the ones with new suspension just like with the Aerox.

  4. Welmer cabs

    For me click is better than aerox and nmax.
    Idont waste money too much for gasoline cost. And maintenance. Design is upgradble than aerox and nmax. Abs is upgradable too.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      You can customize your AEROX too. As well as NMAX as they have a lots of aftermarket parts. For ABS, maybe you got it wrong that it is upgradable as it’s with the Unit already. Maybe disc brake is what you are referring. Thanks!

  5. Paul Duman

    now… you make me decide… i will get my Honda Click 150i on Sunday! Thank you

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Nice choice. It will be more efficient than any other 150cc scooters.

      1. Jeffrey silaPan

        Hi sa 3 po yang ano po ang maganda sa metinace?

        1. Motor Ta Bai

          for me mas maganda honda πŸ™‚ hari sa tibay.

  6. Aldenn

    Mataas ba ang maintenance ng aerox. Plano ko kasi kumoha click 150 ba or aerox.. Needed info about sa mga maintence cost.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, most FI motorcycles are low maintenance. Either of the 2 will work. It just depends on what your heart says πŸ™‚

  7. Wilbur

    boss kung ikaw pa pipiliin saan ka sa tatlo?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi po, for me po is NMAX because of “ABS” and also we are always into long rides, NMAX is more comfortable for long rides. Pro depende po yan sa needs mo, if you are looking into fuel economy and for daily commuting, I will choose Click. And for the looks, it’s always Aerox kasi head turner talaga.

  8. Wilbur

    thank sa reply boss,sa toto-o lng boss first choice ko is the honda click 150i bcuz of its iss system and a fuel tank of 5L’s which is malaki ang capacity and fuel effient pa den when it comes to cargo may malalagyan ka talaga,whlie beat ko ang yamaha aerox talaga kasi wide tire which good for long ride den malaki ang capacity nang u box n which marami ka malagyan kaso lng wala kang malagyan kung may cargo and not good for city ride kasi malaki sya like her n cebu city maliit lng ang mga kalye hindi ka dalawa boss ano yung choice mo bossing need ur suggestion bossing

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, personally I have an Aerox. wala nman problema sa singitan sa traffic pro malakas talaga sa Gas si Aerox. 1 liter is only good for 37 km city driving unlike kay Click na 55km per liter.

      Pro sa long ride, maganda sa bankingan si Aerox πŸ™‚

      If nagtitipid ka, I’ll go for Honda Click. Pero kung walang problema sa pera at gasolina, sa Aerox na ako πŸ™‚

  9. hawn

    question lang may standard po ba ang n max ung may abs at wala?
    ung nmax na bago release d2 sa pinas may abs naba yon/?pano malalaman?new bee

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, Yamaha released the non standard version here in PH already a couple of months ago. I think it is priced at Php 109k. You will know it is the standard one because it has no “ABS” stickers in the front fender πŸ™‚

  10. Paul camasura

    Hi is it true na mas madali mag show nang mga issues si aerox and nmax compared to click 150i? Dami ko kasing nakitang videos sa youtube na madali silang masira

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, not all have issues. It’s just there are some units but mostly those units is not in Philippines. But click is definitely durable, Honda eh πŸ™‚

  11. mykey motovlog

    my first choice is Aerox then I realize it doesnt have kick start, baka magka aberya but over all maganda tlga si aerox and 2nd is honda click for effiecient and budget . d na ako mag nmax d kaya ng pera ko na hahaha ita either aerox or click ako, aerox for me 10/10 click is 9/10 wag na si nmax pang rich na yan hahahah peace!

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      HAHAHA. comfortable lang si nmax than aerox πŸ™‚ at madala ma-accessorize. Pero there’s no issue with no kickstart, just have the PMS on time and you will have no issue and have extra fuses πŸ™‚

  12. psalm

    Hello, magastos ba sa fule ang nmax?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Yes, it’s just the same with aerox walwal mode. NMAx and aerox same fuel consumption and click 150 is the winner in fuel consumption category.

  13. jose

    hello po.tanong ko lang po kung totoong 110-119 lang po top speed ng aerox? nagplaplano po kasi akong bumili ng aerox. and any advice sa pag pili ng motor na dapat kong kunin?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      yup. yun lang po.. still depends on driver’s weight.

  14. Mark

    Boss pwede ba palaparan gulong ng click 150i?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Yes, you can do that. pro di na pde same ng gulong ng Aerox πŸ™‚ bsta di lang sasayad okay na.

      1. toto U.

        Boss! good afternoon.. anu po ang max size ng tire na pwedeng ilapad ng click 150 kung sakali? plan ko po kasi talaga laparan front and rear tires ng click ko para pogi looks. Please advise po.

  15. Koolaz

    Just got my aerox yesterday and im only doing 29km/ltr which is too bad. I dont know if its just due to break in period or what not. I used to ride a click and it really is super fuel efficient.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hey Koolaz, I did not experience that. Maybe you do full blast always with your throttle. Just relax lang po kasi masyado mababa yan for Aerox ang 29km / liter.

  16. Alan

    This is exactly the discussion I have been looking for; thanks for starting it.

    I have the Click 150i; it’s a great scooter. But I do more long rides on the highways and was wondering if the fatter tires make for a smoother ride. Also, is the seat wider and more comfortable on the Yamahas? I know this is subjective, but I would appreciate any relevant feedback. Thanks.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, for me fatter tires is more into stable ride and cornering. Mas at ease ka magbank sa wide tires :). Also the wider seats for Yamaha is more comfortable than of the click (tried both long ride) as it tends to make all of your but sit πŸ™‚

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