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Sulfur Vent Highway: Foul Smell with Nice View

As part of our Dumaguete ride of which we decided to visit nearby sceneries. We stumbled upon one of the nicest view along the main road of Valencia, Negros Oriental. It’s interesting as it’s the road to access the Red Rock Hot Spring or Pulangbato falls and you will surely not miss this area as it’s like a “Smokey Mountain”. It is just around 30mins or less ride from Dumaguete proper if you are on your motorcycle. The smokes and gases are like rotten eggs or the smell of a C.R. It is a natural toxic gas coming from the walls or stones of the area as it turns out Valencia has a lot of these geothermal vents spewing sulfuric smoke. There is a geothermal plant nearby and is worth a visit if you have time.

It was indeed a nice view and we have our picture taking with our motorcycle here. This is one of the nicest area in which you can have a selfie and group shot with your motorcycle. Motorcycle lovers will surely love the view and have their beloved motorcycle picture taken.

Check out our best shots with our motorcycles below:

Warning: Please bear with our motorcycle models. Sponsored by Wodd PH Bamboo Sunglasses.

Sulfur Vent Highway Ride
Motorcycle Shot at Sulfur Vent

Sulfur Vent Yamaha Aerox 155Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi at Sulfur Vent


Kawasaki z250SL at Sulfur Vent

CBR 150R at Sulfur Vent

For me, the best shot we had 🙂


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