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Tierra Alta Clubhouse: A Lighthouse Experience on Top of a Hill


As part of our Dumaguete Ride, we decided to visit Tierra Alta Clubhouse located in Valencia, Negros Oriental. After visiting Pulangbato Waterfalls in which we decided not to take a dip in the falls and just go to Tierra Alta and experience their swimming pool.  Tierra Alta Clubhouse Entrance fee is around 50 pesos only but sadly we haven’t experience swimming in their pool as it has different rate which cost 300 pesos. We just took a quick rest and is disappointed as we can’t afford the 300 pesos pool usage as we are just riding with a budget. After getting some rest, we just did the picture taking with the beautiful and scenic lighthouse as well as their swimming pool and other scenic spots you can have your picture taken.

Tierra Alta Clubhouse Lighthouse
Tierra Alta Lighthouse

I have an acrophobia but still we went to the top of the lighthouse. As expected I was a bit scared that the gravity will pull me down and I felt like I’m going to die. But still we took a lot of pictures above the lighthouse and the view was very smashing and there are mountains surrounding us and you can see the swimming pool from above and indeed the view is breathtaking. It’s like heaven from above.

It’s an unusual lighthouse as it’s on a top of a hill. Not like the usual ones like near the sea or in an island. It’s worth to try and visit Tierra Alta Clubhouse and you surely not miss it when you visit Valencia, Negros Oriental.

Tierra Alta Clubhouse has other fun amenities like zipline, swimming pool, lighthouse, restaurant and much more for sightseeing.

A view on Top of lighthouse.

Here’s the rate that I got from them:

Sightseeing Only – 50 Php

Swimming Pool Use – 300 Php

Zipline – 250 Php

Tierra Alta Clubhouse Entrance
Tierra Alta Clubhouse Entrance

Tierra Alta Clubhouse Lighthouse

A quick pose with the lighthouse.
Motor parking
Motor parking

As we haven’t able to take a dip into their swimming pool, check out our next destination of our Dumaguete trip. The Cambais Falls in Alegria and you will surely love to dip with its cold and refreshing waters.

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