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Top 4 Biking Movies

Let’s be honest, bikers are probably the coolest dudes out there. Most guys want to be them and most gals want to date them. The fact that both young generations of women and ladies from the cougar dating scene are into them proves that these fellas are sexy and desirable indeed.

This is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why filmmakers from all over the world enjoy making movies about biker clubs, gangs, and motorcycle riders. So, if you’re a bike enthusiast, you simply have to check out these top 4 biking movies that will probably inspire you to buy yourself a two-wheeler…even if you already got one!

The Wild One (1953)

If you’re a fan of old movies and you want to see the Hollywood legend Marlon Brando riding a mean bike while being dressed in a sexy leather outfit then you simply have to put this movie on your watch list.

The Laslo Benedek’s film tells a story of two rivaling motorcycle organizations that end up vandalizing a small town after a certain member is arrested. Despite the fact that Brando is quite young here, we can freely say that his performance ranks among the best ones in his entire acting career. Finally, this movie is perfect for all those who are rebellious at heart; we admit it may be old, yet it still inspires young men and women to embrace the biker lifestyle.

One Week (2008)

Starring Joshua Jackson, Peter Spence, and Marc Strange, this movie tells a wonderful and heartwarming story about Ben Tyler, a rider who decides to go on a motorcycle journey from Toronto to Tofino, British Columbia. While searching for the meaning of his life, Ben stops and enjoys some iconic landmarks during his breathtaking adventure. Even though this movie doesn’t depict conflicts between bike gangs, it’s still one of the best motorcycle movies ever filmed.

Easy Rider (1969)

This brilliant and legendary flick is something all biker enthusiasts must see at least once. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper defined the entire genre by creating this picture. Not only that they wrote and directed this movie, Peter and Dennis also played the two lead roles. Wyatt and Billy are two friends who decided to go on a bike trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans in order to explore the beautiful nature of their country. If you’re a true biker, this movie will undoubtedly make you saddle your steel horse and hit the open road.

12 O’Clock Boys (2013)

This movie is one of the newest documentaries on the subject of riders and motorcycle clubs. However, instead of telling the story of a criminal group of bikers on Harleys, this film introduces us to a young boy named Pug, who is growing up in a combative and hostile area called West Baltimore. In the attempt to find his own place in that particular community, Pug joins an illegal group of dirt bike riders and starts a new chapter of his young life. 12 O’Clock Boys is definitely a movie every kid and parent should watch.

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