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Yamaha Mio Aerox 155: A Review of the Powerful Scooter

I’ve been dreaming of Aerox 155 to be my next bike when it lands in Philippine shores. And then I saw an advertisement in Facebook that Yamaha has launched the bike, then I started saving for it. After 2 months and had enough money given that I will sell my Kawasaki Fury 125rr, it’s time to buy the Aerox 155. I am now set to buy it by cash. I even gone absent at work because of excitement to buy it. Unfortunately, upon searching the whole Cebu for this motorcycle, there’s no stock available in all Yamaha stores from Danao to Minglanilla and there’s a very long list of reservation.

I gone home sad and frustrated for a reason I have no more bike to use with my daily commute as I sold my current bike but also I haven’t been able to buy the Aerox 155.

After a few weeks I am already tired of waiting and from the long list of reservation, I decided I will just buy the NMAX or the Honda Click 150i. After checking on the reviews for both these bikes, I decided to go with the 2017 NMAX. My mind is now set to buy the NMAX when the weekend comes. And this happens:

Aerox Available Text Message
A text from Yamaha Minglanilla that there’s a stock for blue Aerox.

I immediately rush to Yamaha Minglanilla and again absent at work just to buy this. I Finally have it but a lot expensive than other dealers in Cebu for 100,050 Php with only a free helmet as freebies. But it’s all worth it, I have my dream bike and haven’t settled for my second options.

Aerox 155 casa display
Casa Display 🙂
Setting it up for releasing.
Released from casa
You’re mine now! Released from Dealer.

Broom Broom Broom! It’s like having to break in on the spot as Yamaha Minglanilla to Consolacion (our home) had a distance of around 30km.

mio aerox 155 race blu

Happy with this new bike, below is my Yamaha Aerox 155 review:



Who loves the Sniper 150 MXi looks? If you love it, the Aerox 155 looks almost the same with the Sniper 150 MXi but it’s just made into a scooter. It’s a fresh, sporty design that is equipped with a fully digital LCD Panel (which is I love most of this bike) which has refreshing visible blue colored backlight during night time. The digital LCD panel is also an interactive one in which you can you know your current speed, RPM, time and also can be set to check on your odometer reading, current trip meter, average fuel consumption, live fuel comnsumption as well as the battery voltage. There’s also an electric socket compartment in which you can charge your devices. The Compartment also is a big plus in which it can fit a full face large helmet and other things like raincoat and more, thanks to its 25 L capacity. It has a dual LED front headlight as well as LED tail light. The tires also are super wide and it’s tubeless with a measurement of 110/80-14 and 140/70-14. If you are more into style, this is a ride that I can surely recommend. Available color variants in Philippines are: Race Blu, Black Raven and Vibrant Orange.

Warning: This review of Aerox 155 is not bias and to be honest, this bike is very head turner and don’t wonder why someone will ask you at stop light regarding the bike 😊

Aerox side view
Who doesn’t love the Aerox design?


The Aerox 155 is equipped with blue core Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology that gives you strong torque at low speed and power at high speed. In simple term, it’s like a turbo that powers up at 6000 RPM. At rider weight of 73kgs at straight road, I got a maximum speed of 119 KPH. The “Power” review of Yamaha Aerox 155 exceeds our expectation.



This is the area of the review that Aerox 155 owners had problem with. The front and back suspension is very hard (matagtag) on bumpy roads. Personally I don’t have issues with this as I’m quite heavy at 73kgs and on bumpy roads the suspension works out well for me but to those who are not that heavy you might encounter this issue. Some recommends to counteract this issue is to lower down the tire pressure from 33 PSI at the back and 29 PSI at front to 30 PSI at back and 25 PSI at front. By using this tire pressure, some had no issues with the suspension. If ever you are still experiencing an issue, you might want to add additional fork oil in the front and add some spacer to fix it. For the back suspension, find aftermarket parts. Some suggest if you have enough money, buy the YSS Gsport which costs around 17k php and above. But if you are on a budget just buy the racing boy suspension which is 1/3 of the price of YSS Gsport and had some good reviews as well.



Overall, the handling review of Yamaha Aerox 155 is that good as expected.  Through twisties and curves in TCH test, you can easily bank on the curves without an issue. Also in traffic, you can easily maneuver the bike but might want to check the distance when inserting from vehicle to vehicle as the bike is a bit wider than the normal bikes out there.



Equipped with Blue Core Engine, you can expect a good fuel consumption but not to be compared with Blue Core Mio 125i as those have lower cc compared to this. You can check your fuel economy of the motorcycle in the LCD digital panel. So far I got 36km per liter average on mix traffic and highway riding from home to office and vice versa using Shell V Power Gasoline. For long rides, you can expect a good fuel economy at around 45 – 48 km per liter at 50 km per hour speed but higher than that speed, it will be around 40 km per liter. For a 155 automatic with blue core engine, the “Fuel Economy” review of Yamaha Aerox 155 lives up to our expectation.


Overall, I’m very satisfied and had no big problem with this bike. I hope this review of Yamaha Aerox 155 helps you decide. You may check the full technical specifications and more pictures below:


Technical Specifications:


Engine Type: Liquid Cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve

Cyclinder Layout: Single Cylinder

Bore x Stroke: 58 mm x 58.7 mm

Compression Ratio: 10.5 : 1

Displacement: 155.1cc

Max Power: 11.1 kW @ 8,000 rpm

Max Torque: 13.8 N.m @ 6,250 rpm

Starter System: Electric Starter

Lubrication System: Forced Feed Lubrication Wet Sump

Engine Oil Capacity: Total: 1.0L Periodical: 0.9L

Fuel System: Fuel Injection

Clutch Type: Dry, Centrifugal Automatic

Transmission Type: V-belt Automatic


Length x Width x Height: 1990mm X 700mm X 1125mm

Wheelbase: 1,350mm

Minimum Ground Clearance: 142mm

Seat Height: 790mm

Curb Weight: 116 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.6L

Underseat Storage Capacity: 25L


Frame Type: Underbone

Front Suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Unit Swing

Front Tire: 110/80-14 C53P tubeless

Rear Tire: 140/70-14 C62P tubeless

Front Brake: Hydraulic Single Disk

Rear Brake: Mechanical Drum Brake

Headlight: LED

Taillight: LED

Meter Panel: 5.8” Fully Digital


Ignition System: TCI

Battery Type: YTZ7V

Electric Power Socket: YES

Yamaha Aerox 155 Ubox Compartment
25 liters U Box
Picture taking!

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79 Thoughts to “Yamaha Mio Aerox 155: A Review of the Powerful Scooter”

  1. petzie

    mine 121 top speed

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Glad to hear about it. We would like to know how much is the rider weight? And does it have any upgrades like “panggilid”? We would like to know how you get that speed 🙂

    2. Ronnel

      I got 123kph, 61kls stock mio aerox 155.

  2. dudi

    nice to know gikan pud diay kag fury(5 yrs fury and planning to change my daily commuter bike)
    torn between this and the sniper 150

    Aerox nice kaayog features but dili ba kuyaw sa libaong ang 14″ wheels compared sa 17″? unya lisod siya i-lusot2x sa traffic and dasok sa parking since lapad na? and then medyo habog how is it compared to fury?

    clutching lang jud ang sniper mao ako major drawback…but I need a new bike na maka live up sa traffic sa cebu…
    nice review and site by the way!

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Thank you. Appreciate your comment. Anyway, I’ve been using this and the wide tires really help sa libaong and doesnt matter if it’s just 14″. Medyo habog lang sya and mostly recommended to tall guys from 5’5″ and above. But you can change a lower shock absorber or lowering kit if you want to.

      In regards sa lusot2 sa traffic and parking, it’s hard at first especially if you are used to small motorcycle like fury 125 but you will get used to it in a matter of days. Sa parking medyo need jud dako ug space especially sa parking lots and medyo lisud igawas ug isud sa sikit2 na pagpark 🙂

      But if I were you, I’ll choose automatic than clutching especially for daily commute here in Cebu as it’s very traffic. For me, clutching is better for weekend bikes. Thanks, I hope this helps for you to pick your next MC.

      1. dudi

        Appreciate the reply Bai! murag fixed najud ko Aerox ani anyways naka pa reserve nako 🙂 And features wise(including storage plus usb charging) winner jud ang aerox. 5’5″ ko hopefully maka tungkod both feet nako sa ground. Para maka maneuver kos traffic ug sa parking.

        and yes medyo murag dealbreaker jud ang clutching sa sniper and lack of its storage.

        Ride safe bai! See you on the road!

        Nice blog by the way!

        1. Motor Ta Bai

          Nice bai. Hopefully you’ll get your Aerox kay medyo taas2 raba jud ang reservation list and wala kaayo stock. I travelled from consolacion to minglanilla just to get mine. Hehe. Anyway, if you have your Aerox already please do join Aerox club here in Cebu to have more tips as well and we are family here.

          Yup, wide tires and the ubox jud that’s why I chose aerox and have no issues sa helmet na kawaton kay masud ra sa Ubox. Hahaha.

          Kitakits niya! Ride safe!

          1. jsun

            Good day sir! I’d like to know what’s the name of your Aerox Club in Cebu? I hope i could join soon but right now I’m still in finger crossing mode to get this MC. :))

            Nice review!
            Ride safe!

          2. Motor Ta Bai

            Hey @jsun. Please search Aerox Club Cebu(AeroxClubPhilippines) in FB. Need to have your pic with your Aerox to be able to join the group. Thanks.!

          3. Motor Ta Bai

            Hey @jsun. Please search Aerox Club Cebu(AeroxClubPhilippines) in FB. Need to have your pic with your Aerox to be able to join the group. Thanks.!

      2. Anjo M.

        nice review Brad!.. ganahan pud kaayo ko ani na MC.. kay lage dako og compartment tapos 155cc mas kusog pa og hp sa honda click na 150 tapos sa looks dili ma bitin.. pero akong gika balak-an brad. ky what if, after several years brad, ma palong ang motor like for example mangihi ko, and let’s say naa ko in the middle of nowhere dayun pag balik nko suddenly mo palya/trip og kalit ang starter, and to think wala bya ni sya’y kick start!?.. ask lang unta ko sa imong opinion brad unsaon pag troubleshoot ani na incident.. gusto jud kaayo ko magpapalit ani sa akong mama brod. ky dagkog ligid perfect for cruising and daghan pa kag ma sulod sa compartment perfect and comfy for travels, swak pajud kaayog looks.. pero mao lang akong gika gul-an brod.

        1. Motor Ta Bai

          Thanks for your comment sir. Anyway, most motorcycles na F.I. today don’t have kick start najud and we will just accept the change nlng jd na ingani na moving forward. In terms sa mapagngan ka in middle of nowhere, usually sa new generation motorcycle karon naa rjd na sa FUSE ang issue. Naa ra extra fuse ang motor nato and pwde ra ilisdan by yourself. So far, naa ko other experience in which napagngan kog headlight during South Ride namo and ako ra giilisan fuse and nasolve ra dayon. So far, don’t worry about that issues na dili mustart kay if regular lang jd imong Service sa CASA dili ka mabalaka ana. 🙂

  3. Ryle

    I was desperately looking for an Aerox as well. And every Yamaha dealer I visited told me that there were like 50 people already on their reservayion list. I was getting frustrated. Then when I came upon this post, I went straight to Yamaha Minglanilla. They told me that they did not do reservations but instead when their stocks arrive, they will call all the people who left their phone numbers for the Aerox. So I left my number and the next day I became the proud owner of a Blue Aerox. So happy. Hahah. Thanka a lot bai! It was this post that led me to Yamaha Minglanilla.

  4. Ryle

    May I know how many months it took to get your OR and CR from Yamaha Minglanilal?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Glad to hear that you were able to get your Aerox in Yamaha Mingla as well as some also went to Bogo City or even at moalboal to get theirs 🙂 It’s still worth it though even the price in that dealer is quiet high compared to DES dealers but still you will not regret it and the joy of getting it after all the efforts 😀

      Anyway, Got my OR and CR after 2 months.

  5. Ivan

    Awesome review! I live in Cebu as well and planning to buy my first bike/scooter. I’m a little less than a big guy around 5’10 in height so the mio soul i 125 was a little bit small and I plan to purchase this one. Is it good for a beginner? And will I fit well with this bike? Thank you!

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hey Ivan, this bike is perfect for your height. I am only 5’8″ and perfect for me. The ground clearance for this bike is quiet high and this bike is perfect for taller guys/girls. Hopefully you can get your Aerox as the demand is quiet high and availability is limited.

  6. Aidan

    Boss aha ibutang ang spacer sa front fork?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hello, you may need to go to your local motorcycle shop for repacking the front fork, I suggest to visit mionation or OMG motor parts for this as they often help Aerox for this matter.. They will know about that already

  7. Piradad

    black raven mio aerox is available in Puerto princesa city??

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hello, I am not sure in Puerto princesa if it’s available. Only in Cebu in which I have an idea. Thanks!

  8. Sonny reyes

    Sir ala bang on off switch ang headlight ng aerox?..

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hello Sir, yes wala po. naka AHO po yan. pero pwde mo palagyan ng switch na orig yamaha 450 pesos lang.

      1. Nash Ignacio

        Good Day Sir!

        Is it advisable to put switch on my aerox? or is it much better to leave it as it is?

        1. Motor Ta Bai

          Hi, no problem in putting a switch. I put switch on mine as well, park light, headlight and lastly for AUX lights. Just make sure the electrician is an expert and no wires will be cut.

  9. Ruby

    Good day! I would like to ask if possible ba na mabutangan og foot bar dapit sa likod para unta sa m.angkas…(sorry, im not an expert on motorcylce mao wa q kahibaw sa term) thank u.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi Ruby, what do you mean by foot bar? I think the Aerox already has footbar, colored silver at the back for pilion? Please let me know if you are able to see it. Thanks!

  10. I rented a similar scooter when I was in Thailand back in 2016, for $1900 USD that is an amazing deal. There is nothing like cruising on a scooter in a beautiful location! Congrats Man!

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hey Scott, thanks for dropping by. Yes, it’s an amazing deal but the one we had here in Philippines is only the standard one with no ABS, idling stop, keyless entry and with just ordinary shock. Maybe the one you rented in Thailand is the premium version if I’m right?

  11. Jasperine

    Hi, been searching for this bad boy for the last 2 months now… Dumaguete and Cebu wala jud oi. Any ideas asa ko makakita ani? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, indeed it is very hard to find stock for Aerox and there’s a very long list of reservation up until now. Anyway, I found one at Yamaha 3s Liloan Cebu last week, orange color. In Bohol as well there are a lot of stocks.

  12. Jay Gilbert Beltran

    Sir ask lang po ilang interval nyo sir pag mag che change oil kayo??? And how many kilometers bago mag palit ng belt???

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, I just follow the manual regarding change oil but I’m using a high quality oil which is the Shell Ultra Scooter. for the belt, it’s usually every 20k odo reading if I’m not mistaken.

  13. Boyet

    Hello, just purchased this great scoot 24 hours ago, it has everything I want for a scooter in its category especially for someone coming from a nice Kymco super8 scooter.
    I have some issue with the front suspension, it’s a bit soft or weak that it bottoms out when traversing on bumpy surface, I can hear the “took” sound.. You experience the same? Any solution to this minor hiccup?
    Thanks sa reply!

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Yes, most of us(Aerox owners) experienced that. Just need to go to local mechanic to add/remove oil. It will only cost around 300 php and it’s all good. Thanks for visiting my website!

  14. I often visit your blog and have noticed that you don’t update it often. More frequent updates will give your website higher authority & rank in google.
    I know that writing content takes a lot of time, but you can always help
    yourself with miftolo’s tools which will shorten the time of creating an article to a couple of seconds.

  15. Joseph

    Normal drive or city drive how much gas consumption?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      for city driving, usually 37km to 38km per liter mix po yan walwal and takbong chubby. for long ride average speed of 60 to 80 it is 43-45km per liter.

  16. Ken Labares

    Hello sir! I just want to share my experience yesterday, didto ko Yamaha 3S Shop sa Cabancalan Mandaue yesterday I filled up an application form and submitted them the necessary papers they look for an installment. But, unfortunately, my application was denied kay 2 months paman ko kapin sako work need gyud daw naka 6 months na daw sa work if mo apply. Ingon ang nag cater nako dat day nga “basin ug morning sir ma CI na ka” ug excited kaau ko pero pirte nako hinuwatay wa gyd niadto sa balay nag udto nlang. Nag text ko sa ilaha para mag follow up, and mao lage toh na deny daw ako application. They advised me nga akoa lang daw brother ako pa applyon since dugay nman daw cya sa iyang work pero sa ako pd lage brother maka pangan ang motor. Sayang ganahan na gyd unta kaayo ko maka motor, by the way mao ni first nako na motor if ever na dayon ako application. Hehe. Morag dile pa gyd cguro time nga makakuha kog motor pero cge lang by December na lang gyd cguro ko mokuha and hopefully ang mga ABS version manggawas na aning mga panahona.

    Ride Safe!
    More power sir! God bless..

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Yes sir. Usually regular na sa work ma-approvan jud ana. If you are really like to have a motorcycle now, it is fine na sa brother nakaname, not an issue at all 🙂

      Yes, ABS version will be coming daw sometime this year pro I dont think ABS is that important for 150cc Motorcycle 🙂

    2. johnson

      sir Ken Labares, naa pa stock na aerox sa cabancalan branch ?plano ko palit inig saturday .

  17. Ik

    Sit ask lang kelan ba ba ang first palit ng gear oil

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, ako po ay every other change oil. e.g change oil ako ngayon (no gear oil change), next change oil(gear oil change), 3rd(no gear oil change)

  18. Rey Christian Delos Reyes

    Sir ask lang po 78kg pi ang timbang o medyo down hill ung ni test ko. At 500km ODO ngaun nun hinapit ko ung aerox ko hangng 8000rpm lang naabot nya at 104 kph. Bakit po ganun medyo naka lean na din po ako noon. Helo po baka po may sira yung unit ko di ko pa alam.

    1. wag nyo po muna isagad sir. Nasa break in period pa po kau. 🙂

  19. Rey Christian Delos Reyes

    Sir bat po yung ain 100 to 104 kph lang kaya ahit downhill na. 500km ODO nanaka change oil na din po ako. Sabe nila 120 daw top speed and did ito mahira ma abot pero ung akin 95 sobrang hirap na abutin.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      di talaga yan aabot sir. same tayo ng bigat kaya ko dyan lng rin na speed. Unless kng mga 60 kgs siguro aabot at tsaka nakapanggilid.

  20. Bokong


    Nagbabalak ako bumili nito. Pero kaya ba nito umakyat ng Baguio City?

    Please advise.


    1. Motor Ta Bai

      kayang kaya po. lakas makina aerox nka VVA pa. always ako TCH(baguio version) dito sa Cebu.

    2. Motor Ta Bai

      kayang kaya po. lakas makina aerox nka VVA pa. always ako TCH(baguio version) dito sa Cebu.

    3. Motor Ta Bai

      kayang kaya boss. palagi ako umaakyat dito TCH (baguio road cebu version). No probs malakas makina nka VVA pa.

  21. Ken Labares

    Hello sir! Ganahan kaayo ko sa imong blog very informative jud. Been reading all of your articles as of this moment nga pdung nako 2log.
    Can u share experience owning an Aerox for one year sir? Kmsta na c roxy nmu sir paglabay sa 1 ka tuig sir?

    God bless and ride safe.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi Sir, thank you for reading my blog and glad you like it. Anyway, Aerox is with me na for a year and so far no issue nman po. Bsta tama lang PMS you will have no problem with it, and pure stock lng din ako sa makina kaya no issue 🙂

  22. johnson

    guys need help, decided to buy (aerox) this weekend ,wala ko kahibaw asa nga branch naa stock ? badly need help. more power

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, marami na stock Aerox ngayon di kagaya nung dati 🙂 meron yamaha Liloan, gorordo, etc.

  23. John

    Boss ask lng ko f kinahanglan ba jpon ka mg break in sa aerox? Dli pod ba uncomfortable sa backride nmo ang bangko kai murag gamay man.. Mdjo bigatin man gud akong misis. Plano mi mg kuha kai pra hatod sundo sa work

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Good pm, dako ra ang lingkoranan boss mao pd problema magbikaka imong angkas and medyo habog jd isaka si Aerox. Struggle usually ang angkas ani 🙂

      For break in, yes boss. All motorcycle needs break in and Break in ko sakin for the first 1k km. Pro mix mabagal at mabilis/piga throttle.

  24. Nash

    Hi Sir!

    I would like to ask if after 500 kms during the break-in period, pwd na ba nko sya mag pa kusog ug dagan, kasi as of now til 60km lng ko kutob kasi break in pa daw lagi. currently 144 km na sa odo. Also, Is it advisable to put a switch on my aerox? or is it much better to leave it as it is?


    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, you can mix it po. I always do takbong pogi during break in at 60km limit. But I mix sometimes at full speed. Para lang po di masanay makina na mahina takbo. Isipin mo nalang, pag palagi mong ginagawa at routine mo isang bagay, diba masasanay ka? same lang din concept sa Motor, masasanay makina mo na mahina nyan 🙂 Do full speed sometimes.

  25. Bong

    gud am sir ask lng ku kung paunsa ang speed limit nya sa pag break in sa aerox?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, I usually do mix so that di nman masanay na mahina lng na speed makina. I’ll go 60 kph then if there’s open highway I’ll do a full speed.

  26. monchie

    mga bossing meron ba kayong alam na mag modify ng aerox….taga cebu ako mga bossing…nakita ko kasi ang mga aerox sa malaysia na modify na…ang ganda…kong may alam kayo mga bossing pwede paki sabi kong saan sa cebu…salamat mga bossing….

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      what do you mean modify? looks sa labas lang? if yes, you can visit MIO nation in colon. They have lots of accessories to modify the looks of your Aerox.

  27. Franze Dayao

    Goodevening Sir… I read All Comments On Your site Really Helps me, Got My Mio Soul I, Pero maximum Carrying capacity Niya Rider And Back rider Is Only 160kilogram Cause it Only got 1 Rear shock Not good For Me Because im 90kilo same with My Brother In Law sometimes nagpapasundo kasi so i want to upgrade to Aerox But I Want to ask What Is The Maximum Carrying Capacity Of Mio aerox rider and Back rider Cause Its Got A 2 Rear shocks… Thanks Sir…

  28. Francis Jr

    I’m 5’3″, 62kg. Kinto jud ko pirmi sa stoplyt. pero achup kaayu ang porma. =)

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Yes Sir. I think 5 7 will be the ideal height for aerox.

  29. Ace

    Sir. Ok lang ba AEROX sa beginner? Pero naa nay experience daan sa Mio 125 .. and other smaller scooters. Thanks!

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Yes Sir, perfect si Aerox for daily commute. Stable ride as well with big tires.

  30. jumuel

    gudday sir. dili ba kusog mo vibrate ang earox? plano ko mo kuha aerox karon sunod buwan. thank you

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      So far in my experience, wala nman vibrate issue ang Aerox. Stable sya and with power. So, Aerox will be perfect if you are planning to buy one 🙂

  31. Enrique

    boss maayong buntag!

    naay unusual vibration akong aerox kung mag dagan ko ba, murag naa nasangit na something somewhere else pero dli sad nko makita. Ask lng unta ko kung naka encounter ka ingani before?

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      kana na ig agi sa libaong boss. If bug-at ka muingana jd sya.. sa belt na.. Kato na gmay na shock imo or ang new model?

      1. enrique

        new model akua boss. 2 month’s old na. kabantay ko nag ing ani sya after namo mag unity ride. Unsay ma advise nimu ani boss?

  32. Vincent

    boss d ba lisud sa aerox sa akoa na height gamayon ko boss mga 5’3,then pila iya top speed if mgsaka like sa tch boss..switch d i ko from sniper 150 nya planning ko buy nig feb2019..


    god bless

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi Boss, it will be difficult. Kinto and show ana if 5’3 raka.. go for Nmax nalang kay di kaayo taas. 🙂

  33. Richard

    Question is there any way na ma modified ang foot rest para sa passenger seat kay murag layo ra kaaayo unya lisud pag kanaog kay tungod layo ang foot rest.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, sorry about it but unfortunately no one that I can think of doing the modifieed footrest for the passenger side. It’s part of Aerox and nothing we can do about it.

  34. Zia

    Pwede ba ni siya sa mga babae? I mean, gusto jud ko mo buy ug aerox kay cool kaayo ang design😅 but ingon sila bug at daw kaayo and dili daw siya applicable sa mga babae.

    1. Motor Ta Bai

      Hi, I have few friends that are lady riders using Aerox. But it’s way higher than the mio, beat, etc. Go for it if you’re tall enough 🙂

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